Silvani Transportation Consulting draws upon more than two decades of multi-disciplinary experience in transportation planning and management, marketing and public relations.

Ms. Silvani’s successful public relations practice, founded in 1978, was built on her ability to communicate effectively with a wide array of constituents including employees, local communities, market segments and industry-wide audiences.

In 1996, Ms. Silvani was recruited to form the Emeryville Transportation Management Association (Emeryville TMA).  Under her leadership, the Emery Go Round shuttle service became a $2.5 million operation with ridership of over 1.3 million in 2009.  For 14 years, she managed every aspect of the ETMA.

Ms. Silvani’s strategic and customer-focused orientation built a transportation system with consistently high passenger satisfaction ratings; growth and expansion of services; and an enviable reputation for reliability and innovative service.

Her executive management skills established a not-for-profit association funded through a voluntary Property Based Improvement District which consistently operated under budget and generated reserves with which to acquire assets and fund growth.

Ms. Silvani’s expertise in operations and fleet management produced innovative and enduring partnerships that brought new GPS-based technology to the transit marketplace as well as validated retrofit devices, hybrid technology and alternative fuels.   Emeryville was also one of the first cities to be designated as a Best Workplaces District by the EPA because of its innovative and well-used alternative transportation programs.

Ms. Silvani also established the first citywide car-sharing program in the Bay Area, utilizing a combination of on-street public and private pod locations.

Since 2000, Ms. Silvani has developed transportation plans and designed successful shuttle services and other TDM programs for other clients in the Bay Area including Catellus Development, Mission Bay TMA, and Simeon Properties.

Ms. Silvani is active in the local transportation community.  She is a member of the Association of Commuter Transportation (ACT); a board member and officer of the Northern California Chapter of ACT; a member on several of the Metropolitan Planning Commission’s Technical Advisory Committees; BART access and station improvement groups; and a member of the former Baycap regional shuttles council.   She is also active on the Mission Bay Citizens Advisory Committee and the Eastern Neighborhoods transportation planning task force.

She has made presentations on transportation planning and shuttles before numerous local community groups including Chambers and the East Bay Leadership Council; as well as at a Transportation Research Board “Best Practices” conference.

Ms. Silvani is a former member and past president of the Emeryville Chamber of Commerce, East Bay Agency for Children, Oakland Potluck, and the Oakland Boys & Girls Clubs.

Ms. Silvani holds of Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of California’s School of Journalism.