Silvani Transportation Consulting has been helping cities, developers, and employers create community transportation programs for over 20 years.

Wendy Silvani, Founder

Wendy has specialized in forming and managing TMA’s (Transportation Management Associations) which are non-profit ‘collectives’ formed expressly to provide mobility services to its members.  Her expertise in creating and managing shuttle services, whether for the community-at-large, employees or residents, is unparalleled.

Wendy's clients have included:

  • Emeryville TMA (Emery Go Round shuttle)
  • Mission Bay TMA (MB Shuttle)
  • Palo Alto TMA (Transportation subsidies for low-income workers)
  • Rancho Mission Viejo TMA (Residential transportation services)
  • Consulting projects for developers and private businesses who are moving and/or expanding
  • Alameda TMA (Transit pass subsidies)

Wendy takes great pride in creating services which are highly valued by users and cost-efficient to operate.

She is a former member and past president of the Emeryville Chamber of Commerce, East Bay Agency for Children, and Oakland Boys & Girls Clubs.  She currently volunteers at KQED.

Wendy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California at Berkeley's School of Journalism.

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